Partizan – Novi Pazar 4:3 (1:2)

Competition: JELEN SUPERLIGA – round 1

Place and date: Beograd, 10.08.2013.

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Att: 5000

Kick-off time: 19.00h CET

Live TV coverage: Arena sport 1

Referee: Vladimir Nedeljkovic (Jagodina)

Yellow cards: Mitrovic, Malbasic, Luka (PAR) – Vidakovic, Kecap, Arifovic, Zupic (NP)

Red cards: `90+2 Malbasic (PAR) – `52 Arifovic (NP)

GOALS: 0-1 `17 VIdakovic, 1-1 `20 Jojic, 1-2 `34 Kecap, 2-2 `52 Mitrovic (p), 3-2 `56 Mitrovic, 3-3 `72 Mutavdzic, 4-3 `88 Luka


PARTIZAN: Zivkovic, Aksentijevic, Ostojic, Obradovic, Gulan, Djemba-Djemba (`75 Ilic), Jojic, Ninkovic (`HT Kojic), Grbic (`58 Grbic), Malbasic, Mitrovic.

NOVI PAZAR: Budakovic, Lotinac, Mutavdzic, Kadric, Popovic, Vidakovic, Kecap, Bihorac, Arifovic, Zupic, Markovic.

Greetings from Partizan Stadium!

This is the start of 87th domestic championship and Partizan is home to Novi Pazar. Visitors teamsheet consists of only 11 players as they were unable to register new signings in time due to a legal dispute with a former player!! Even head coach MIlanovic is on the stands, not by the dugout.

Weather conditions in Belgrade are quite pleasant compared to a heat wave that struck the region over the past week with pale winds and partial clouds appearance. Pitch surface excellent.

First half highlights:

`2: Set-piece cross from Ninkovic but no one got a touch to this inviting ball

`5: Partizan on the attack from the go..

`5: Left-side ball from Malbasic, touch from Mitrovic and a Partizan corner-kick followed by close range shot from Gulan and great diving save from Pazar keeper for another Partizan corner-kick.

`11: Partizan all-out attacking, visitor`s all 11 behind the ball.

`14: Right-foot left side cross from Gulan, far post header from Grbic and keeper`s save.

`17: 0-1, Novi Pazar! Clumsy rebound in the box and a close range goal from Vidakovic.

`19: Malbasic`s 18m shot and a block for a Partizan corner-kick followed by Gulan `s header and a goalline save. No Partizan player reacts to a rebound.

`20: 1-1, Partizan! Cross from Malbasic, Mitrovic heads it down neatly for charging Jojic who had no trouble sending a ball in with a close range shot.

`24: Lon range shot from Popovic way over the bar.

`31: Vidakovic creates more havoc in Partizan defence. Jojic comes tor rescue with a sliding block.

`33: Ninkovic`s corner-kick and first touch edge of the box shot from Malbasic over the bar.

`34: 1-2, Novi Pazar! Kecap broke on the left, entered the box followed by a low and inviting ball into the 6-yard box with Obradovic sending it into the net while attempting to make a sliding clearance.

`40: Arifovic cautioned for a sharp tackle on Ninkovic.

`41: Neat set-piece ball from Ninkovic and poor close range header from Obradovic wide.

Three mins stoppage time.

End of the first half.

Second half highlights:

`46: Kojic in for Ninkovic.

`52: Malbasic sends a return ball for Kojic followed by a blast and diving handball from Arifovic. Penalty-kick for Partizan and a sending-off for Arifovic (second caution).

`52: 2-2, Partizan! Mitrovic scoring from a penalty-spot with NP keeper close to get a decisive touch.

`54: 20m blast from Mitrovic and stretched-out save from NP keeper.

`56: 3-2, Partizan! Emphatic left side of the box low shot into the far corner from Mitrovic.

58: Luka in for Grbic.

`67: Zupic cautioned.

`70: 20m strike from Bihorac over the bar.

`72: 3-3, Novi Pazar! NP corner-kick and sublime header into the right corner of the net from Mutavdzic.

`75: Ilic in for Djemba-Djemba.

`76: NP corner-kick and another neat header from Mutavdzic just wide by the right post.

`77: Jojic`s 20m shot, post comes to rescue.

`78: Another neat long range shot from Jojic,  keeper tips it over.

`83: Malbasic into the box for Kojic followed  by a weak angled shot wide by the far post.

`86: Mitrovic leaves the ball for Kojic followed by edge of the box drive wide.

`88: 4-3, Partizan!! Alerted and tireless Luka heads the ball into the net pass the confused Novi Pazar defence after beating the keeper to the ball.

Four mins stoppage time.

`90+2: Malbasic sent-off after a second caution.

90+3: Luka cautioned.

End of the game.

Vuk Rasovic after the match:

- The only good thing about this game is that we won it. We are paying the price for adding newcomers to the squad late. They didn`t engage in our pre-season preps so we are blending them in as we go. Moreover, Ivanov`s departure and Lukac`s injury had influence on our defensive lines.


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